About Mystique

Lady Katharine Cruises was founded on a long standing tradition of appreciation and respect for the Connecticut River Valley and its rich history.

Like Lady Katharine Cruises, “Mystique” has a proud background. She began her sailing days in New York Harbor where she was a prominent cruise ship providing tourists from the U.S. and abroad unparalled views of New York City for almost 20 years.

In 2004, Mystique entered another chapter in her log, embarking on a course to the Connecticut River and becoming the flagship of Lady Katharine Cruises. Since then she has hosted hundreds of weddings, family reunions, proms, fundraisers, milestone celebrations and numerous corporate events and cocktail parties.

Her size, 113’ long and 29’ wide, and her accommodations offer a unique and most comfortable venue for events of all types. She has two fully enclosed, climate controlled dining decks and a magnificent tented observation deck, perfect for special occasions.

Lady Katharine Cruises is unique in its’ mission to provide the public with an opportunity to access the CT River and enjoy the historic landmarks, birdlife and picturesque sites along the river banks. When we welcome passengers aboard they will sense our pride, feel our spirit and embark on a memorable experience!